5/24/2013 Crowdfunding sites scheduled to start on June 1st.  We are running an an in General Aviation News to coincide with the crowdfunding launch. We will be running at least 2 issues and hope to re-up for another 2.  We hope to reach crowdfunders, and future potential sponsors within the Aviation industry.

We have both and Indi-Gogo site and  Kickstarter and the URL airparkTVshow.com will be pointed to whichever site is live.  Currently, Amazon Payments is having trouble understanding why a business would not have any mail sent to it’s physical address.  More likely than not, we will launch with the indie-gogo site which offers partial funding if the full goal isn’t met.  This would allow to at least shoot some segments vs the all or nothing scenario with kickstarter.

I am currently seeking top notch, on the ball production types to help in the coordination of the pilot.  Please get in touch if you have what it takes to work in production.

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