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John Dickens | Kid Craft RC Expert

John Dickens joined our effort as a “kid craft” consultant. We are extremely happy he agreed to get on board and help us develop the show! He along with another of our RC experts is helping our writers and directors develop fun crafts & experiments that work!

If you are interested in learning about flying RC airplanes at Cherry Creek State Park, you can get ahold of John via the club’s website at DenverRCEagles.Org.

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Tori Olson | Cinematographer | Apprentice

As her former instructor, I can vouch for her attention to story, detail, precision and delivering quality material. My success relies on putting the right people on my projects & I have no hesitation putting challenges in front of Tori and having her on my professional projects. “Tony Pfau-Producer Airpark”

Tori Olson has had a camera in her hands for as long as she can remember so film school seemed like the logical choice when she graduated High School. Tori attended the Colorado Film School where she graduated in 2011 with honors and 2 Associates of Applied Science degrees in Cinematography and Writing/Directing. Since graduating, Tori has worked in the Camera Department on a number of different projects including music videos, commercials and both short and feature films. With a strong eye for composition and movement, Tori strives to bring the Director’s vision to the screen in the most compelling way possible, no matter what project she is working on. Click here to see one of the first film Tori did as a Director of Photography –

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Stephen McKissen – Cinematographer | Visual Production Operations

Steve is a fellow instructor with executive producer Tony Pfau at the Colorado Film School.  He immediately saw the great opportunity and offered to get on board to help get the pilot shot.

Stephen McKissen was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, a super 8mm film junkie from the start. He attended the Colorado Film School in 2000 where he focused on Writing and Directing.

He cut his teeth working at production houses in Denver, such as Citizen Pictures, The Colorado Production Group, and Denver’s premier Lighting and Grip house “Lighting Services.” Stephen worked under famed cinematographers Ric Waite, (Footloose, 48hrs) as a gaffer and with Scott Ransom (Switchback, One Crazy Summer) as a Camera Operator, just to name a few.

He has worked on hundreds of short films, music videos and feature films as director of photography.   When it comes to teaching, Stephen encourages hands-on learning, story-driven interpretation of screenplays and constructive collaboration with producers and directors.

Steve will likely be filming parts of various sequences and also help in the coordinating and training for apprentices.  You can see his work here!

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Aaron Jurka | Production – Apprentice

Aaron Jurka has been on of Tony’s students, still attending film school.  He opted to get on board, to apprentice much like those of us who’ve been doing this did when we started.

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