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Flight to Success Article.

Airpark is starting to get noticed. Check out our day on Karlene Pettit’s Flight to Success!  Thank You Karlene!

Great Blog to bookmark too!

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Andy Parks- Vintage Aero Flying Museum

Andy Parks is the Executive Director of the Vintage Aero Flying Museum, home of the Lafayette Foundation in Ft. Lupton / Hudson Colorado. He spends a tremendous amount of time reaching out to get youth involved in aviation, from buidling replicas to flying. The museum is well worth a trip up to see a great collection of aviation and military history. Their website is

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Michael Davis | Author

Michael Davis wrote the book, “Memoirs of One Lucky Kid’.  In that book was a chapter on his time as a kid spent at the Asbury Air Terminal.  That chapter was part of the inspiration to get Airpark TV show going.  He has been a terrific supporter and has been helping us with the legal work that we need to make the show a reality.  We are very grateful for his help!

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Kevin Kennelly- Platte Valley Airpark

Kevin has stepped up the the plate more than once to help out our youth.  He went out of his way several times to help my film students as well as participate to help make Airpark a reality. We truly thank him!

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