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Andrew Jones | Cinematographer | Apprentice

Andrew is another one of Tony’s former students. Proving himself time and time again that he can step up to the plate to make things happen, we are happy to have Andrew on board as part of the production crew for Airpark.

Andrew Jones was born in Denver in 1991. He has always wanted to be a cinematographer. He loves to tell stories through lighting, framing, and composition. He always tries to stay true to the Director’s vision and the story. Andrew just graduated from Regis University with a BFA in Cinematography and is looking forward to continue making films and working with amazing filmmakers –

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Andy Jurka | Apprentice

Andy, agreed to get on board and apprentice, simply to get more experience. A former film student now a staging pro, he took it upon himself to volunteer to get pro experience. His help is greatly appreciated!

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Spot our Airparkers!

You’ll be able to spot our AirParkTV crews out at events, they’ll be wearing these shirts.  A version of these shirts are also going to be one of the perks for IndieGogo Crowdfunders Falcon or above level!  If you see one of us with a shirt that says “Film Crew” and you have an idea, a contact or would like to get involved be sure to get that person your contact info with an email and one of the producers will get in touch.  Of course, let the cameramen finish what they are shooting ; )
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