Sponsor The Whole Show, The series!

Sponsor the whole show? Well many of us remember back in the day “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” that kept millions of us kids glued to the tube. Airpark TV with it’s family oriented approach, the fun, the learning, and kids, is the type of show that might be perfect for a company to sponsor.
Whether you sell insurance or donuts, to chicken sandwiches, or are an airline, or even fuel provider, the good wholesome nature of this show, with a family appeal could be a great thing to have your brand associated with.
With the way consumers are able to skip the spots, get their programming on demand, advertisers have been trying to figure out ways to get those commercials in.  For a company that sponsored the whole show, all of the ad space as well as bugs throughout the programming could be had.
So, while we certainly are trying to raise the money via crowdfunding, we are also open to hearing from you about sponsoring the whole show, parts of the show. It worked for the insurance companies, many companies are turning to “branded entertainment”, but a show like this, could be just the ticket.  Get in touch right away. Please call phone or snail mail to the address on the bottom of the website.  Sorry, had to disable email contact form due to the unstoppable amount of spam and hacking going on.
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