Connecting Kids To Aviatiors

An entertaining approach to help get more youth to get inspired about aviation, and get them connected! More »

Airpark TV | Wholesome Entertainment Experience for Kids & Families

The show is material parents will want their children to watch! Activities & information about groups where kids can get involved. More »

Brandable Entertainment to Inspire, Educate & Connect kids to Aviator Heroes!

The show has 7 different segments covering history, science, craft, stories, careers & exciting aviation stories! It will bring heroes of yesterday and today to our kids... More »

Great Sponsorship Opportunities, all or part!

Airpark TV offers tremendous opportunity for sponsors to demonstrate CSR efforts, help kids and give to an effort that helps our society. More »

Get Involved Today!

You can help make Airpark TV a reality... More »

Watch PSA Television Commercial | EAA Young Eagles

PSA created for Young Eagles Chapters, being made available free of charge to chapters throughout U.S.A. More »


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EAA Young Eagles Television Commercial PSA

<—-Click the filmstrip See EAA Young Eagles PSA TV Commercial. The work was edited from our camera test footage from the B-17 Event! It was so heartwarming, we decided to cut a great little PSA.  The spot was reviewed by EAA and is now approved! It will be made available for Young Eagles chapters across the country in a September announcement from EAA.!



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