Connecting Kids To Aviatiors

An entertaining approach to help get more youth to get inspired about aviation, and get them connected! More »

Airpark TV | Wholesome Entertainment Experience for Kids & Families

The show is material parents will want their children to watch! Activities & information about groups where kids can get involved. More »

Brandable Entertainment to Inspire, Educate & Connect kids to Aviator Heroes!

The show has 7 different segments covering history, science, craft, stories, careers & exciting aviation stories! It will bring heroes of yesterday and today to our kids... More »

Great Sponsorship Opportunities, all or part!

Airpark TV offers tremendous opportunity for sponsors to demonstrate CSR efforts, help kids and give to an effort that helps our society. More »

Get Involved Today!

You can help make Airpark TV a reality... More »

Watch PSA Television Commercial | EAA Young Eagles

PSA created for Young Eagles Chapters, being made available free of charge to chapters throughout U.S.A. More »


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Flight to Success Article.

Airpark is starting to get noticed. Check out our day on Karlene Pettit’s Flight to Success!  Thank You Karlene!

Great Blog to bookmark too!

EAA Young Eagles Television Commercial PSA

<—-Click the filmstrip See EAA Young Eagles PSA TV Commercial. The work was edited from our camera test footage from the B-17 Event! It was so heartwarming, we decided to cut a great little PSA.  The spot was reviewed by EAA and is now approved! It will be made available for Young Eagles chapters across the country in a September announcement from EAA.!



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